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From the community point of view physical activity promotion is becoming a priority in health policies because there is a need to focus on physical activity in a broad sense, with a large-scale, population-based, comprehensive and sustainable approach. Furthermore, for the participant organisations the project will aim to:

Encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting the implementation of the Council Recommendation on health-enhancing physical activity and being in line with the EU Physical Activity Guidelines

Encourage participation in sport and physical activity

Promote education in and through sport

Reinforce cooperation with partners from other countries

Increase quality in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and follow-up of EU/international sport projects; increased capacities to encourage citizens to participate in sport and health enhancing physical activity

Create a more dynamic, committed and professional environment inside the organisation: ready to integrate good practices and new methods into daily activities; open to synergies with organisations active in different fields or in other socio-economic sectors; promoting the socio-educational development of professionals and volunteers in sport, in line with European policy objectives in the sport field.

At systemic level, the project will expect to contribute to the development of the European dimension in physical activity for all, in line with the general objective of the Programme in the sport field, mainly through the education of health care professionals.  From an individual’s perspective, the project will engage stroke patients and will motivate them to perform physical activity changing their lifestyle and to maintain an high adherence to physical activity programs and therefore to increased levels of participation in physical activity.